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    Chinese Triads

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    Chinese Triads

    Übersetzung im Kontext von „Chinese Triad“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: The Chinese Triad was stopping all of our med shipments until. of the principal organized groups such as the Italian Mafia groups, the Colombian cartels, the Japanese Yakuza, the Chinese Triads and the Russian maftya. Triaden sind nach ihrem Symbol, dem Dreieck für „Himmel, Erde und Menschheit“, bezeichnete Vereinigungen im Bereich der organisierten Kriminalität, die ihren Ursprung im alten China zur Zeit der Qing haben.

    Ritual and Mythology of the Chinese Triads: Creating an Identity

    of the principal organized groups such as the Italian Mafia groups, the Colombian cartels, the Japanese Yakuza, the Chinese Triads and the Russian maftya. The Chinese Triads: The History and Legacy of China's Most Famous Organized Crime Syndicates | Charles River Editors | ISBN: | Kostenloser. Triaden sind nach ihrem Symbol, dem Dreieck für „Himmel, Erde und Menschheit“, bezeichnete Vereinigungen im Bereich der organisierten Kriminalität, die ihren Ursprung im alten China zur Zeit der Qing haben.

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    The White American Who Climbed the Ranks of the Chinese Mafia - The White Devil

    Erscheint lt. Modelle Anatomische Modelle Somso-Modelle. Verbreitet war die Opiumsucht auch bei den chinesischen Gemeinden in den Städten Südostasiens. Recently, the two of the known biggest Chinese triads are Sun Yee On and 14K. Sun Yee On is considered the “most organized and wealthiest” faction with at least 50, members worldwide. Some of the main Triads The Green Gang, 14K, and Shui Fong. In the mids, 14K (where K stands for carats) was considered the largest of the Triads. It was formed after the Second World War and the Chinese Civil vulcandotnet.com began a war between 14K, then under the control of Wan Kuok-koi (called Broken Tooth Koi) and the Shui Fong (the water room, whose exotic name derives from the origins. The Chinese Triad Hierarchy. Originally military unit leaders, now, gang leaders commanding around fifty men.

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    With Vietnamese independence in , organized crime activity was drastically reduced as Ho Chi Minh 's governments purged criminal activity in the country.

    According to Ho, abolishing crime was a method of protecting Vietnam and its people. Diem banned brothels, massage parlours, casinos and gambling houses, opium dens, bars, drug houses and nightclubs, all establishments frequented by the triads.

    The government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam purged and imprisoned organized criminals, including triads, in the Haiphong and Hanoi areas.

    With pressure from Ho Chi Minh's police, Triad affiliates had to choose between elimination or legality. During the Vietnam War , the triads were eliminated in the north; in the south, Republic of Vietnam corruption protected their illegal activities and allowed them to control US aid.

    During the s and s, all illegal Sino-Vietnamese activities were eliminated by the Vietnamese police. They are often involved in migrant smuggling.

    In Australia, the major importer of illicit drugs in recent decades has been 'The Company', according to police sources in the region. This is a conglomerate run by triad bosses which focuses particularly on methamphetamine and cocaine.

    It has laundered money through junkets for high-stakes gamblers who visit Crown Casinos in Australia and Macau.

    They cooperate with the police to impede the expansion of triads and other organized gangs. The Asian Gang Unit of the Metro Toronto Police was formerly responsible for dealing with triad-related matters, but a larger unit was created to deal with the broad array of ethnic gangs.

    At the national and, in some cases, provincial level, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 's Organized Crime Branch is responsible for investigating gang-related activities including triads.

    Asian gangs are found in many cities, primarily Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. The Organized Crime and Law Enforcement Act provides a tool for police forces in Canada to handle organized criminal activity.

    The act enhances the general role of the Criminal Code with amendments to deal with organized crime in dealing with criminal triad activities.

    Asian organized-crime groups were ranked the fourth-greatest organized-crime problem in Canada, behind outlaw motorcycle clubs, aboriginal crime groups and Indo-Canadian crime groups.

    In , it was estimated that criminal gangs associated with triads controlled 90 percent of the heroin trade in Vancouver , British Columbia.

    From to , Southeast, East and South Asians accounted for 21 percent of gang deaths in British Columbia trailing only Caucasians, who made up The power of triads has also diminished due to the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

    The commission targeted corruption in police departments linked with triads. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    July People trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal gambling and extortion are all lucrative. One of Henan Province's worst gangs roamed the countryside unchecked for 13 months, robbing farmhouses and killing 76 people.

    Seven members of the gang, including its leader Peng Miaoji, who personally cut the throat of 40 victims, were captured and executed in December Some gangs have close relations with the police and are even run by the police.

    In March , 10 members of a police-run gang in Inner Mongolia were sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for robbery, rape, gambling and bribery.

    The gang had been active for more than 10 years. State Department Advisories: Travel. Australian travel warnings: dfat. Triads are family-run organized crime gangs.

    They are sometimes refereed to as the Chinese Mafia or, among mainland Chinese, as "black societies. Chinese Triad societies control Chinese organized crime.

    They are some of the world's largest crime organizations. They are believed to have more than , members, with , in Hong Kong alone.

    The term "Triad" is relatively modern English term used to describe the triangular symbols found on flags and banners used by the Hung clan, also known as the Heaven and Earth Society.

    The bosses of the Triads are called "dragonheads. The Triads are believed to control an empire worth many billions of dollars. The largest and most powerful Triad, Sun Yee On, is believed to have 40, members.

    Sun Yee On is believed to be particularly well connected with the Hong Kong tycoons and Communist party elite. One high-level Communist official even referred to them as "patriotic.

    According to legend the first Triads were founded by Chinese monks committed to fighting injustices. Over time these groups, it is said, became so politically powerful they were able to prop up or bring down emperors at their whim.

    The Triads developed out of the 18th century Hung Society and often worked with foreign traders to bring opium into China. In the 19th century, they operated as secret societies opposed to the harsh rule of the Manchu Qing dynasty, regarded by many ethnic Han Chinese as Barbarian outsiders, and aimed to replace them the old Ming dynasty.

    Some historians believe the Triads may have played a role in the toppling of the last emperor in The Triads thrived in the warlord era in the s, s and s, particularly in free-wheeling Shanghai, where at its height the Shanghai-based Green Gang had , members and had connections with Chiang Kai Chek and assaulted journalists who critiized the Kuomintang.

    One of Shanghai's most notorious figures was Shanghai Du Yuesheng "Big-Eared Du" , a former sweet-potato vendor who started his life of crime as a policeman collecting protection money from local opium traders.

    By the s, Du had become so influential that Chiang Kai-shek put him in charge of the "Bureau of Opium Suppression. Some gangs helped the Kuomintang nationalist fight against the Japanese during World War II; others became gangs of criminals that raged the Chinese countryside.

    After the Communist take over in , Mao was able to quickly break the Triad power in the mainland. Triad hand signals It is estimated that there are 50 or so Triad gangs in Hong Kong.

    The Triads have been active in Hong Kong almost since its inception. They were engaged in the local opium trade and helped and were assisted by the corrupt British police force.

    In , corruption was so entrenched in Hong Kong that half the police force was dismissed for accepting bribes.

    The British cracked down on the Triads in Hong Kong in an aggressive anti-corruption campaign that began in the s, sharply curtailing the influence of the Triads on the police and the civil service.

    The Triads are no longer as powerful in Hong Kong as they once were. In , it was estimated that only 5 to 10 percent of the "detected crime" in Hong Kong was Triad-related.

    After the crackdown in Hong Kong, the Triads moved the bases of their operations across the border into southern Chinese provinces such as Guangdong, Fujian, Guanxi and Yunnan, and into Macau.

    The Triads have done well in the free-wheeling cowboy capitalism in China, but it is hard to gauge how well because they operate quietly behind the scenes.

    They are involved bribery, extortion, prostitution, smuggling and involved in shady real estate and stock market deals. The triads have always been active in the free-wheeling gambling haven of Macau.

    Portuguese authorities vowed to clamp down after a string of killings and fire bombings. There was a report that a triad member plotted to murder a Macau casino dealer that ran a high-roller gaming room at the Sands Macau.

    On the darker peripheries of the gambling business there are illegal activities such as loan sharking, prostitution and other activities That has historically been the case in Macau and will always be the case.

    MGM Mirage responded that it would sell its 50 percent stake in an Atlantic City casino-resorts so it could hold on to its Macau casino-hotel.

    Chinese mafia Triad members take many forms. In , 63 people — including 16 schoolchildren, the youngest being years-old — were arrested in an undercover Triads bust.

    The 4 stands for the four oceans that surround China and ultimately, the universe. He was first hit by a car and surrounded by men armed with knives.

    Tai Lung was slashed at multiple times and the suspects fled. Their escape vehicles were found, but torched. Peng Miaoji, the leader of a gang in Henan, cut the throats of 40 victims.

    He was caught in and executed along with 7 of his men. The Golden Dragon Massacre put the triads on the map at least, in the mainstream consciousness in the United States.

    This attack resulted in 5 deaths and 11 wounded. Public anger grew after the police chief, Peter Fitzroy Godber, was found in to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in overseas accounts.

    That helped inspire aggressive reforms, and today the territory is regularly ranked highly on anticorruption indexes. Critics of the police in Hong Kong have accused them of acting in collusion with the thugs who attacked people on Sunday.

    None of the men thought to have carried out the attacks were arrested that night, and officers were seen calmly chatting with men carrying sticks and metal bars and wearing white T-shirts, the attire of the thugs.

    Law enforcement officials have said the police were slow to respond because so many officers were needed for protests on Hong Kong Island, about 15 miles south of Yuen Long.

    Professor Lo said, however, that police animosity toward the black-shirted protesters — whom they had clashed with for weeks — was the most likely factor in the slow response.

    Of course not. Main article: 14K Triad. Main article: Sun Yee On. Hidden categories: Articles lacking in-text citations from November All articles lacking in-text citations All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Articles with unsourced statements from July Namespaces Article Talk.

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    Triaden sind nach ihrem Symbol, dem Dreieck für „Himmel, Erde und Menschheit“, bezeichnete Vereinigungen im Bereich der organisierten Kriminalität, die ihren Ursprung im alten China zur Zeit der Qing haben. The Chinese Triads: The History and Legacy of China's Most Famous Organized Crime Syndicates (English Edition) eBook: Charles River Editors: vulcandotnet.com The Chinese Triads: The History and Legacy of China's Most Famous Organized Crime Syndicates | Charles River Editors | ISBN: | Kostenloser. Many translated example sentences containing "Chinese triads" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations.
    Chinese Triads
    Chinese Triads
    Chinese Triads

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    Autor en : Dr. Print Cite. Email address. Fact Monster - History - Triad Society. TriadTerm used variously for secret societies in Qing-dynasty China and sometimes earlierfor modern Chinese crime gangs, and for crime gangs of other Asian nationals operating in their own countries or abroad. Admiral Play Gmbh Na Gang Waray-Waray gangs.
    Chinese Triads The following is a list of Chinese triad societies: 14K Group 十四K. 14K Baai Lo 十四K 湃廬; 14K Chung 十四K 忠字堆; 14K Chung Yee Tong 十四K 忠義堂; 14K Hau 十四K 孝字堆; 14K Kim 十四K 劍字堆; 14K Lai 十四K 禮字堆; 14K Lun 十四K 倫字堆; 14K Ngai 十四K 毅字堆; 14K Sai Shing Tong 十四K 西勝堂; 14K Sai Yee Tong 十四K 西義堂. Triad is a transnational criminal organization that is based in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore among many other countries. There are currently four major Triads in existence: Wo Hop To, Wo Shing Wo, Sun Yee On, 14K (Sap Sie Kie) and Luen. Wo Hop To is a Hong Kong-based organization and their influence have been documented in San Francisco. A century ago, Hong Kong had hundreds of triads, their numbers lifted by waves of immigration from mainland China. Today, there are only a few dozen groups with interconnected ties and allegiances. Triad, Term used variously for secret societies in Qing-dynasty China (and sometimes earlier), for modern Chinese crime gangs, and for crime gangs of other Asian nationals operating in their own countries or abroad. A secret society with the name Triad started operating in the early 19th century in southern China, where it took root and spread. Chinese triads are much more splintered in organization and scope, compared to the Yakuzas. Chinese triads are splintered into Taiwanese ones, HK ones, South East Asian ones, US ones, etc etc, with no formal structures linking them. Yakuza, on the other hand, are much more cohesive, in hierarchy, organization and cohesive. Archived from the original on The triad finds ground Admiralmarket colonial China, in Hong Kong, and in Shanghai in particular. The Heung in Www Champions League Kong, and probably not only there are untouchable. Seven members of the gang, including Spiele Merkur leader Peng Miaoji, who personally cut the throat of 40 victims, were captured and executed in December Although some clans have only about fifty members, other organizations have up to 30, members. Violence is common and guards often let the Pc Spiele Aufbausimulation beat themselves silly and make little effort to intervene. In a Fujian temple, a group Www.M2p.Com monks intervenes to help the Rot Gold Casino to defeat the barbarian invaders. Rizk.Comfour triad members were arrested for health care fraud in Japan. It is surrounded by a 20 foot wall and is notorious for its terrible conditions. Organized crime in Hong Kong is such a problem that the police force has created an Organized Crime and Triad Bureau that handles investigations and arrests of suspected triad members. Hidden categories: CS1 Italian-language sources it Webarchive template wayback links CS1 Spiele Merkur archived copy as title Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles lacking Schach International citations from July All articles lacking in-text citations Articles needing more viewpoints from July Articles that may contain original research from July All articles that may contain original research Articles with multiple maintenance issues Pages using infobox criminal organization with ethnicity or ethnic makeup parameters Articles containing Chinese-language Twister Spiel Kinder Commons category link is on Wikidata.


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